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Vaginal Speculums are a double-bladed instrument for use in the vaginal canal for visualization and/or procedural purposes. Rhazes offers a wide variety of blade sizes catering for all type of requirements These instruments have a spring handle to open the blades and a screw mechanism to hold the blades in the desired position.


These typically have a single bite (3.0MM X 8.0 MM) with teeth on the lower jaw for taking tissue samples. Kevorkian-younge forceps are used in Biopsy for collecting tissue samples from the uterus. The forceps have angled single-finger ring handles with respect to the shaft.


Umbilical scissors have a pair of wide and flat blades for precise cuts.  These are used for precisely cutting the umbilical cord after childbirth while at the same time reducing the risk for cord infections, cord slippage and minimizing tissue damage.


Tenaculum Forceps have a S-shaped sharp tooth tip usually for holding blood vessels during surgery. The instrument has ring handles for a comfortable grip. The instrument is also used for stabilizing cervix or uterus during surgery.